the first picture set is from my product line "Reese" which was released august of 2013. these pieces were carried at Gym Standard. 2903 el cajon boulevard.

the rest of the collection are pieces i've constructed for myself, for boutique stores, and on private commission for clients.

show flier 

show display 

show opening 

show display 

pour-over stand 

Minimal table 

Minimal Table 

farmhouse tool-box 

Farmhouse tool-box 

45 box 

Meditation Bench 

LP box 

LP box 

record collection dividers 

lightbox for lemonade skate company 

lightbox display 

Farmhouse coat rack 


jewlery box with burned finish. 

industrial table, second edition 

farmhouse bench 

Sweet jane shoe fixture  

Sweet Jane fixture filled 

Sweet jane fixture filled 

Compass inlay  

industrial table 


industrial bench 

Firewood box 

driftwood shoe rack 2 

installed and filled. 

with flash 

Hall table shoe rack: filled

filled and installed
Hall table shoe rack: filled and installed

chestnut wardrobe 

chestnut wardrobe 

Driftwood shoe shelf. 

Installed and filled. 

Driftwood shoe shelf 3. 

Cheval Mirror 2 

 with purchased hooks.
Door coat rack; Custom built.: with purchased hooks.


Industrial record rack.